1. Check your Oxygen mask!

  • Remember, the flight attendant always says to check your oxygen mask before helping others.
  • Ensure that you are registered to vote and aware of any changes to election law in your area.
  • Visit www.canivote.org to check your status.


2. Family First!

  • Make a list of friends and family that you want to ensure are #VoteReady.
  • Offer to walk them through the process of checking their registration and reviewing election laws in their area.
  • The more eligible voters you ensure are #VoteReady, the more expertise you build, and the easier it will become.
  • As you check off names, expand the list to groups in your community, on campus, and elsewhere.


3. Discuss being #VoteReady with someone every day and share #VoteReady information with your network through a weekly email or announcement. Check the Resources page on our website, @TeamIMPACT tweets, and visit www.getvoteready.org regularly:

  • Share important facts about registering to vote and casting a vote in your state.
  • Blog about your past voting experiences and why your network should be #VoteReady.
  • Update your personal website with voting rights information specific to your state.
  • Record videos for your community with commentary on the voting process and instructions on becoming #VoteReady.
  • Use hashtag #VoteReady when you tweet.
  • Propose completing a #VoteReady project to your teacher/professor for extra credit.
  • Schedule a meeting with your Dean of Students to ensure your campus is #VoteReady.
  • Consider voting early so that you you can volunteer as a poll worker to help others be #VoteReady.


4. Host a #VoteReady Event

  • Host a tweet-chat or tweet-up with friends or your community to ensure everyone has access to the information needed to be #VoteReady.
  • Host a concert or entertainment event that requires individuals to show proof of being #VoteReady to gain admission.
  • Partner with campus, community, or religious organizations to host a town hall, forum, or round table discussion designed to ensure your community is #VoteReady.
  • Update social media with any voter protection related appearances via local or national television, radio, or print media.


IMPACT will provide:

  • Written features/pictures from your event to be posted on our website;
  • Resources for promoting your event with a twitter chat/sample tweets;
  • Sample talking and data points; and
  • Fact sheets and other valuable resources.

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