IMPACT is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization, founded by a group of young professionals to foster civic engagement, to increase knowledge in the political and legislative processes, and to enhance economic empowerment opportunities for young professionals ages 21 to 40.


IMPACT’s three core principles are as follows:




CIVIC ENGAGEMENT activities identify and enable IMPACT leaders to utilize resources to ensure the preservation and advancement of our communities. Through POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT, IMPACT facilitates and supports the engagement of our peers in politics, policy development, and advocacy.  Focusing on ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT provides unique opportunities for IMPACT leaders to accumulate and preserve wealth, while imparting the skills and experiences needed to enable others to do the same.




Why launch the #VoteReady campaign?


Our objectives are simple:


  • to register eligible voters 40 and under;
  • to re-register members of the 40 and under community to vote;
  • to encourage those who are able to vote early (where applicable);
  • to encourage those who are unable to physically go to the polls, to register to vote absentee;
  • to inform voters about voter ID laws (where applicable); and
  • to utilize social media and other avenues to build awareness and educate voters.


Tell Us Why Voting Is Important To You